What’s the Difference Between Wi-Fi and 4G?

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If you own a smartphone, you will no doubt want to know what kind of connection to use for connecting to the Internet on it. Depending on certain factors, you will be able to get web service through a Wi-Fi connection. At other times, this will not be possible and you will have to rely on your cellular data that you receive through your wireless provider, most likely 4G networking speeds.

Many users don’t understand the key differences between the different types of connections you can Read the rest of this entry »

Android, iOS and Windows Tablets Compared

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If you are in the market for a new tablet, you have a few options. There are distinct differences between the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. By learning about their features, you can choose the tablet that is right for you.


The Android operating system is familiar to most smartphone users. Most people already have a Google account, so getting started is as simple as logging into your existing account. You’ll find the Android operating system on a wide variety of devices in every Read the rest of this entry »

How Windows 8 Has Changed Computers for Good

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A lot of people are hesitant about installing and using Windows 8, and there are some Windows users out there who are complaining about all of the changes with Windows 8. However, there are quite a few ways that Windows 8 has changed computers for good.

For instance, Windows 8 has a tablet-style appearance that is quite appealing for our generation. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly used to tablets, smartphones and other similar electronics, and Windows 8 is taking advantage of that and allowing people to enjoy the technology that they have come accustomed to since using these devices, all while they are using Read the rest of this entry »

The Latest on Google’s new Project: Google Glass

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Google Glass is a distinguished, new product being developed by Google. This strong, unique product is part of a research and development project called Project Glass. Google Glass is a computer system made with advanced, futuristic technology that can be worn like sunglasses. Its many features and capabilities are outstanding against other technology currently in development.
Project Glass constantly conducts research and tests to improve Google Glass in regards to functionality, design, and overall desirability. Some focuses Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini: What’s the Difference?

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When trying to choose between the three chief Apple devices, it can be a tough choice to make. There are a few factors to consider that can make the decision a lot easier.

The biggest difference you will see in the feature sets of these devices is that, naturally, the iPhone is a phone. If you don’t need this functionality or already possess a smart phone, you will want to look into the iPad or the iPad mini. They both provide a Read the rest of this entry »

Find the Right Tablet for Your Budget

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Tablets have quickly moved become one of the most popular tech products in the world. Not only are these devices extremely mobile, they come with a slew of apps and programs that will make one’s daily life more efficient, connected, and entertaining than ever. For those that are on the market for a new tablet, the final decision should be made on these hardware and software features. Before ever purchasing any tablet, it is important for the customer to first test the gadget. No matter how great the specs or features may seem, an uncomfortable tablet is one product that will rarely be used once it is taken out of the box. This includes the use of the touchscreen keyboard, listening to music, DIRECT TV Packages, streaming videos, or simply holding the tablet for an extended period to get a feel for it. Customers can then consider other basics features, starting with the processor. The processor will generally dictate how fast the tablet will move, especially when multitasking. Finally, the last consideration to make when regarding one’s budget is data usage. Tablets can be wifi, 3G, 4G, or any mixture of these services and this choice will dramatically alter the ongoing monthly costs of the product.

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